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30 Cheapest Travel Destinations In The World


1. Romania, $33/day

If you’re designing an EU trip that’s cheap and a bit off the crushed path, Balkan nation is ideal for you. whereas the country is thought for Dracula, several charming cities and free activities stay unknown to most foreigners. whether or not you’re taking a protracted stroll through the medieval villages, or folks observation in one amongst the attractive parks, Balkan nation is nice for anyone when an EU expertise on a budget. you’ll conjointly create use of the free walking tours to envision out the various historical sites. Hostels run $10-$15 per night, food is hearty and delicious (a money-saving tip: Have your breakfast at the hostel, have a giant hearty meal for lunch, and cook your own meal for dinner. It’s simple and cheap to induce recent manufacture from the native market, simply certify your hostel features a kitchen!), and also the public transportation is reliable and cheap.

Meals: $10 – $15 per day

Accommodation: $10 – $15 per night in an exceeding hostel or an area house

Transportation: $5 – $10 for a full day of bus and train rides

SIM card with data: $6 for 3GB with 28-day validity

2. Georgia, $30/day

Georgia is another underrated European destination that’s completely stunning and cheap. Also, get this: most of you’ll be ready to enter Georgia while not a visa, and keep for one year. Say what?

Quality hostels at an inexpensive worth vary, a meal at an area eating house for as low as $3, and an area mini-bus ride for fewer than $1, area unit some of the nice things Georgia offers to its guests. What’s more? Entrance fees to museums and historical sites area unit largely but $2. The local area unit very heat and hospitable, and hitchhiking is completely attainable for brief and long-distance travel. Their area unit several day visits, hikes, and monasteries in Georgia, that one will simply pay months and not get bored. It’s good if you have got longer than cash.

Meals: $10 – $15 per day

Accommodation: $5 – $15 per night in an exceeding hostel

Transportation: $3 – $5 for a full day of bus and train rides, $5-$10 for AN intercity ride, or $0 if you hitchhike!

SIM card with data: $3 for 1GB with 1-month validity

3. Greece, $40/day

Timing is crucial if you would like to travel to Balkan state on a budget. whereas costs of flights, accommodation, and tours are for the most part curtail since the country’s debt crisis in 2010, summer months still price over others. this suggests avoiding Gregorian calendar month and August, that area unit the most popular and busiest months in Balkan state. Instead, go many weeks before or when summer, and you’ll be ready to relish Balkan state with smaller crowds and a lower budget. you’ll conjointly curtail on food prices by shopping for recent manufacture from the market and create your own meals since feeding call at restaurants is dearly-won in sure elements of Balkan state. a bit picnic by the beautiful beach is as pleasurable as a lavish meal at a food restaurant!

As way as activities go, prefer the free walking tours offered, and if you’re progressing to do some island hopping in Balkan state, set up well and stick to a gaggle of islands to reduce transfers. For any long-distance travel, confine mind that typically a flight is cheaper than a bus ride.

Meals: $10 – $15 per day

Accommodation: $10 – $15 per night in an exceeding hostel

Transportation: $10 – $15 per person for a rental automotive split between four folks (note: scooter rental prices regarding $25 – $30/day), or $10-$20 for ferry tickets around the islands

SIM card with data: $12 for 2GB with 30-day validity

4. The Czech Republic, $40/day

As a lot of and a lot of tourists flock to the Czech Republic, or a lot of specifically, Prague, for its wealthy history and cheaper-than-water brew, costs have inflated over the previous few years. However, it’s still simply one amongst the most cost-effective central European countries to travel in, particularly if you transcend Czech capital, like Cesky Krumlov and Telc, to expertise true Czech culture at a way lower price. native transportation is reliable and cheap, and if you intend to try to do a great deal of traveling, think about obtaining a 3-day pass for $16.

Czech cooking is extremely hearty and enormous in portion. whereas it’s not the healthiest (most meals encompass potato and meat), it’ll sure as shooting fill you up, therefore, to stretch your budget – dine out at an area eating house for lunch and have a light-weight snack for dinner. Entrance fees to historical sites and museums is quite dearly-won ($18 to enter the Czech capital Castle), however, you don’t forever have to be compelled to really enter – the hikes up area unit impressive, and you’ll forever admire the design from outside, and choose the foremost intriguing ones to travel in.

Meals: $10 – $15 per day

Accommodation: $12 – $20 per night in an exceeding hostel

Transportation: $5 for a full day of tram rides, $15-$20 for an intercity bus ride

SIM card with data: $13 for 2GB with 1-month validity.

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