11 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Best Friend


Come Valentine’s Day, tons of girls feel down within the dumps because they don’t feel loved. But we’re here to show it into a full-on Valentine’s day and celebrate the unconditional love we receive from the supportive sisterhoods in our lives. Remind your BFFs that they’re truth MVPs, with these gifts as a token of your appreciation.

     1.“If you’ll Read This, Bring Me Some Wine” Socks

We don’t know any gal who would turn down cozy socks – especially ones with key messaging like this! There’s nothing better to enrich some alone time than with an honest glass of wine. Maybe these socks will attract her future dream man/wine butler.

2. “Besties” Book

This book celebrates female friendship, which is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift! consider it as a many thanks note to your ally. It shares all the explanations of why we couldn’t live without our besties. From rough patches to decision-making, our lives wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful without them.

     3. Fifty reminder Chicken Parody Cookbook

Whether you and your girls roll your eyes at the Fifty Shades franchise or are hooked into it, this inspired parody cookbook is crammed with sensual ways to cook your chicken. Fill her day with laughs and delicious chicken recipes.

    4. Sisters Before Misters Mug
For the lady who needs an honest cup of coffee to start her day, with an honest dose of sass! This cup is elegant and large enough for a morning java while reminding your bestie to embrace the relationships that matter the foremost in her life.

     5. Hot Guys and Baby Animals

Looking through a book crammed with adorable baby animals and hot dudes during a steamy bath will always be a tremendous thanks to spending Valentine’s Day. Empower your ally by letting her fully use her female gaze!

     6. Don’t Panic Anti Anxiety Mist
For those days when your BFF can’t be by your side, and you would like your anxiety to relax out. It combines gem-infused reiki with aromatherapy, and you’ll feel more balanced after only one spray. Keep calm and keep it up, girl.

    7. Kale-In-A-Bag Grow Kit
A cool idea for that annoying healthy friend who’s always trying to convert you to kale, but also steadily going broke due to her Whole Foods addiction. Make all her organic dreams come true with this kale-in-a-bag grow kit.

8. Coco Rose copra oil Body Polish

Coconut oil will always be life, and this all-natural body polish is not any exception. It’s both highly moisturizing and exfoliating, to reveal your softest skin, and is full of antioxidants, phenolics, and beta carotenes to fight aging and damage.

9. Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the planet
Honestly, we expect this could be required reading in history classes everywhere, but within the meanwhile, treat your bestie to the present educational, empowering book crammed with all of history’s favorite bad girls, reminding her that she is that the worst.

10. Dream and Sugar tea service
For the girly girl in your life who loves pink and teatime. This posh teacup set features a gourmet vibe with a touch of caprice. Six heart-shaped mugs and matching saucers feature a golden trim and handle, which is that the perfect amount for all of your besties to collect, sip and gossip.

  11. Gold Puzzle Piece BFF Necklaces
Those broken-hearted “best friends forever” necklaces are cute, albeit a touch corny, so we found an aesthetic alternative that allows you to give yourself and your favorite gal-pal a Valentine’s Day gift! Let her skills nobody else could ever be the missing piece to your puzzle like she is.