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In our society, the trend known as body positive is very popular now. As you know, long time skinny supermodels were on the peak of popularity, so the immediate change to absolutely opposed tendencies has provoked wide public resonance.

Later, the phenomenon became more widespread and the appearance of women, whose forms were far from model standards on the cover of fashion magazines is the one more consequence of it. Such famous plus-size models as Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham have forever changed the concept of beauty and given the opportunity for hundreds of women around the world to be proud of their not ideal body.

This tendency divided the world into 2 parts: those who have supported this movement and the haters who have been opposed. Today, I’m going to put public opinion aside and say that plus-size women are beautiful creatures that do not differ from those who are called the top models.

Many people think that overweight is a barrier to personal happiness and spend their entire life adhering to diets. In fact, men often choose big beautiful women for strong long-lasting relationships and I have 3 objective arguments to prove it. Scroll down to learn the details.

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